Fun Things to do at Atawhai Farmstay

It was amazing how time flew by. Soon, our carefree farmstay days came to an end. It was a dilemma: on one hand we wished to stay longer and help out at the farm, but on the other, we had so many other places to visit but with not much time left... Ahh, life's all about making decisions, isn't it?
Anyway, we'd made a list of recommendations for fun stuff to do/try for people who might be keen to stay and help out at the farm in future: (Bill's contact info could be found on the Useful Information column on the right)

  • Learn to start a coal range fireplace in less than, arr...2 hour? to beat yd's record! :D
  • Learn to make dessert/cookies from Leitu
  • Must try Leitu's homemade Apple Sponge with hot custard or ice-cream, it still made me drool at the very thought of that...
  • Feed the chooks and collect eggs
  • Dare to challenge Bill's Bloody Hot Sauce
  • Have afternoon tea in the garden on fine sunny afternoons
  • Star gazing at southern hemisphere incredible night sky-try to make out as many constellations
  • Cook with freshly picked organic vegetables and herbs from the garden
  • Relax in hot fire bath by the bush (but careful not to burn your butt!)
  • Learn to drive the tractor and watch Kelly and Sheba go berserk at each other for being tied up
  • Go horse trekking
  • Have picnic/bbq on Little Wanganui beach
  • Trek up the hills to overlook Wangapeka Valley and the sea
  • Feed Polly the farm horse with apples and listen to the crunchy sounds she makes
  • Stay warm in front of the fireplace on a cold night
  • Explore Jackson's 60 acres properties and check out the interesting fairyland tree; super mario magic mushrooms; etc etc.
  • Enjoy great exercise by getting your hands dirty with the farm chores
    (yd might have more things to add on to the list, we'll see ;)

Here are more pictures taken during our stay:

side walk of the farm house - by ye

sunset at little wanganui beach - by yd

silhouette of trees by dusk - by yd

wangapeka valley from hill top - by yd

yd on horse back - by yd

little red flowers - by yd

carefree run - by yd

shells - by yd

a sleepy sheba - by ye

sheba and i - by yd

mutated garlic - by ye

angry ox - by yd

hairy panga/punga - by yd

pine corn on tree - by yd

panga/punga - by yd

human soup - by yd

firewoods - by ye

mailboxes - by yd

moss on stone - by yd

magic mushrooms - by ye

baby fern - by yd

fern leaves - by ye

fetch - by yd

grazing fields - by yd(?)

pony - by yd

fungus on fence - by yd

vantage view of atawhai farm - by ye

dusk in karamea - by yd

eucalyptus trees - by yd

wire fence - by yd


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